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At Total Papers we offer a wide selection of compostable paper tableware and food packaging that is a sustainable alternative to Plastic, Styrofoam products. Our paper plates, trays and food containers are made by all natural
food-grade safe materials which does not contain any traces of bleaching agents or chemical additives.

As the nation and around the world are banning expanded polystyrene Styrofoam (EPS), our natural, biodegradable packaging can help you stay ahead of the curve and show customers you care. Together, we can help you make healthy choices for smarter business and a greener planet. It is a Green Choice to go with Total Papers!

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Clean Clear and Lint Free

You won’t find any dyes, fragrances, coatings, or harmful additives that can cause irritation. All products are gluten-free and can be safely used by the most sensitive among us.


Our tableware products are certified OK compost by Vinçotte, one of the strictest international certification programs, for residential and commercial-scale composting.


Safer for the environment and safer for your body. We use no chlorine bleach to whiten our products. Total Papers products is free of dyes.