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At Total Papers, we offer a wide selection of certified compostable products. Our product line of high-quality food packaging and tableware is made with wheat stalk material or compostable plant fibers. With the ever-changing legislations and laws banning plastic and Styrofoam carryout containers, all of our product line items are an ecological alternative for a sustainable future.

Unlike many common food containers, which carry harmful bleaching and the other chemical additives, our products are made with natural plant material that helps fulfill the ever-growing need to be environmentally responsible. Together, we can help you create an environmentally friendly impact for your business.

Go Green with Total Papers!


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Clean Clear and Lint Free

You won’t find any dyes, fragrances, or harmful additives that can cause irritation. Total Papers products are gluten-free and can be safely used.


Our tableware products are certified OK compost by Vinçotte, one of the strictest international certification programs, for residential and commercial-scale composting.


We do not use chlorine bleach to whiten our products. Total Papers products are in their natural colored state of wheat or plant fiber.