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At Total Papers, we offer a wide selection of certified compostable products. Our product line of high-quality food packaging and tableware is made with wheat stalk material or compostable plant fibers. With ever-changing legislations and laws banning plastic and Styrofoam carryout containers, all our product line items are an ecological alternative for a sustainable future.

Unlike many common food containers, which carry harmful bleaching and the other chemical additives, our products are made with natural plant material that helps fulfill the ever-growing need to be environmentally responsible. Together, we can help you create an environmentally friendly impact for your business.

Go Green with Total Papers!




We’re committed to provide superior, earth-friendly products and technologies that restore our natural environment for a more sustainable future.
By choosing Total Papers, you help us:

  • Replace plastic, foam and aluminum with earth-friendly, compostable materials to meet many state and local mandates in place
  • Eliminate toxic chemicals in manufacturing
  • Offer competitive pricing that is on par with recycled paper products or even lower
  • Reinvent the future of packaging
  • Provide a product that is biodegradable, compostable, heatable, microwaveable


Wheat can be harvested twice annually, whereas trees take between 8-20 years to reach maturity for paper pulping. What used to be underutilized “crop reside” is now a valuable raw input to the paper & fertilizer production process.

Straw naturally makes for a soft and supple fiber. When used in paper making, it opens up new possibilities for absorbency, texture, and strength.

What makes total papers tableware unique?


Total Papers

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Lint-Free + Silky Smooth

Strong + Durable

Free of Chlorine Bleach



Supports Farmers

How Are Total Papers Plates, Bowls, and Napkins Different from Other Disposable Tableware and Container?

What Are Some Common Problems with Disposable Tableware and Container?

  • It can feel wasteful to throw away plates and bowls made from trees.
  • Composting conventional disposable tableware for use in your home garden is not a safe option if the items were bleached or treated with harsh chemicals.
  • Conventional paper plates and bowls tend to easily leak, tear, or collapse, particularly with greasy or wet foods (e.g., nachos, chili, chips, wings, pizza all the best party food)
  • Chemicals used to bleach or process wood pulp may leach into the food in a paper bowl or plate, particularly hot food. In fact, it is recommended not to microwave heat any food inside plastic containers such as polyethylene (PE), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and Styrofoam (EPS) because under high temperature they may release toxic styrene and BPA into the food.
  • Plastic products will not decompose for an extremely long period in a natural environment.

What Makes Total Papers Products Different?

  • Because our products are made from rapidly renewable wheat rather than tree pulp, Total Papers products is sustainably manufactured. Each plate, bowl, box, or napkin you use supports farmers who sell us their post-harvest wheat straw. You can use Total Papers products guilt-free!
  • After the party, if you have a home compost bin or composting service, any Total Papers products you’ve used can be tossed away, where they will quickly decompose and become nutrient-rich compost for the next growing season.
  • Total Papers’ products are particularly strong, thanks to a tightly woven, small fiber wheat pulp. Unlike conventional wood pulp paper products, wheat pulp paper is known for its strength and durability. Go ahead – try going back to the food table for some seconds on the same plate!
  • Total Papers uses an innovative elemental oxygen brightening process that doesn’t involve chlorine bleach for all our paper products. This makes our products absolutely safe to use. Total Papers is totally Green!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Total Papers’ natural unbleached wheat straw paper products?

Paper recycling or making regular wood fiber paper both consumes much more water and energy than turning wheat straw into paper.

  1. To Save Forests and Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions. It takes 177 cubic feet of wood or more than 30 full grown trees to make 1 ton of wood fiber paper. By making 7,000 tons of wheat straw paper annually, we can save 6,178 acres of forest.For growers the excessed wheat straw is usually burned for convenience, during the process which emits 1.8 tons of CO2 per ton. So instead of burning the straw we can make 0.5 ton paper pulp out of 1 ton wheat straw with 0 CO2 emission.
  2. To Be Chlorine Bleach and Dioxin Free. Our pulping process does not use any chlorine bleach at all and does not produce any AOX (absorbable organic halides) such as dioxins, a class A chemical known to cause human cancers.
  3. To Save Energy and Water. Overall it takes 20% less energy and 30 tons less of water to make a ton of wheat straw paper than that of wood fiber paper.
  4. Health Reasons. Total Papers’ natural unbleached wheat straw paper products are toxic-free and food grade compliant according to FDA and AP standards.

Why is Total Papers’ natural paper more eco-friendly than recycled paper?

Paper recycling or making regular wood fiber paper both consumes much more water and energy than turning wheat straw into paper.

When cleaning and whitening recycled paper before turning to paper pulp traces of BPA still exist. Paper recycling still does not address the root cause of deforestation whereas using wheat straw as a raw material is much more helpful to preserving forest and ecosystems.

Is Total Papers products biodegradable?

Yes. Total Papers is 100% biodegradable. Our paper can be safely used in all disposal and waste treatment systems.